Blackhead Vacuum Remover

Designed to make life easier this Electronic "Blackhead Vacuum Remover" is a German engineered device that is high quality, fast and efficient. Made to be the all-round solution for the most efficient way to remove your blackheads. It is perfect for both young and old, dry and oily skin. It will cleanse and rejuvenate your skin, leaving it looking younger and more beautiful than ever. 


  • Effective in removing blackheads and acne safely.
  • Thoroughly removes dirt trapped in pores, blackheads, whiteheads and oil residue
  • Increases blood circulation inside the skin, leading to more vibrant and healthy skin cells
  • This blackhead vacuum remover is compact and portable, good for using at home or SPA, and easy to carry around if your travelling. 
  • The vacuum power is adjustable for ALL skin types
  • Can be charged with a normal USB cable
  • Exfoliates Dead Skin
  • Reduces Grease
  • Prevents Wrinkles
  • Reduces Skin Acne  
  • Deep Skin Cleansing                                                        
  • Steam your face using a hot towel or a facial steamer for 2-5 mins to soften your skin
  • While using the remover: Please do not stay at one spot for more than 3 seconds. Move the remover around in a direction along the way gently (in a single stroke motion), do not move back and forth.
  •  Wash your face with cold water to close up the pores
  • Clean the interchangeable heads using hot water and soap
  • Clean skin and glowing contrasts within minutes!

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